Detailers United – Bug & Tar Scrubber Car Detailing Pads – 2 Pack

£3.99 Incl. VAT

✔ This scrubbing pad is the perfect addition to your car detailing supplies, it cleans stubborn marks your car paintwork and trim leaving your car looking like new.
✔ Designed to be extra gentle on delicate surfaces and finishes, including paint, chrome and plastics.
✔ Removes dirt and contaminants efficiently, soft hooks on the microfibre are safer on surfaces than harsh bristle brushes.
✔ Removes tar, bugs and contaminants efficiently.
✔ 128 x 76 x 38mm one size fits all, very durable; easy care, just wok through with cool water and leave to dry in open air.



Recommended for exterior use.

For use on plastics, glass & Paint

To use spray your choice of APC or TFR onto the Yellow side of the pad then gently scrub.

Flip the pad to wipe with the microfiber side to polish.

Wipe with a separate multipurpose microfibre cloth to remove any excess.

When finished handwash the pads only using a small amount of washing up liquid and luke water

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and then allow the pad to dry naturally.

Pack size: 2